Why EVERYONE Should Visit Park Guell, Barcelona


The Culture published an article about falling in love with cities through Hollywood Film and I genuinely believe this is the only way I can describe my love for Barcelona. Walking down the streets of Las Ramblas in 30 degree heat, speakers blaring despacito and friendly faces at every corner evokes that pure and innocent feeling of satisfaction that make you feel like you’re on a movie set, or indeed a dream itself.

Now, us millennial capture these rare moments of bliss and don’t just pop them in the memory bank for future reminiscing, but we share them with the world! Park Guell is not only a breath-taking experience for anyone interested in Gaudi or Spanish Art History, but the perfect place to capture those moments of #livingmybestlife (some people still use that hashtag right)?

The park itself explores the architectural beauty of Gaudi through winding paths, beautifully decorated buildings and of course, offers a view across the entire City. This is the place where couples propose, insta-gurus take candid selfies and all generations converse about the apt compilation of natural and man-made beauty with respective interest.

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While it will set you back 8.50€ to access the monumental core, you are able to opt for a guided tour, which, if you’re an art lover like me but find generic plaques just don’t quite cut it for you- this is perfect.

This said, the walk around the park is beautiful in its own way, by no means do you have to have the slightest interest in Gaudi to visit here, many visit purely to see Barcelona from another perspective or just because the tour guide said ‘its worth a visit’. You’ll find people from all over the world: from every generation, from newborns cradled in their father’s arms to an elderly couple who’ve visited the site on their anniversary each year.

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There’s something incredibly beautiful about these kinds of locations, with so much division across the world, be it by gender, age, class, sexual orientation or just plain ignorance, it’s truly refreshing to walk into a monument and yes, see people taking photos with their families and exploring a sight, but when you walk into an open space in a foreign country and you see nothing but love, it is a true reminder of the goodness in this world.

Love of the sites around them, love for the people they’re with, love of exploring a new culture, love of freedom, love of art, love of history. Love of the world around us.

We need more places like this in the world, I whole-heartedly believe that this is a step in the right direction. Very much like the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney, this is a place to think and put things into perspective, to be grateful for what we have and to realise what a beautiful world we live in, should we choose to take a ‘glass half full’ view.

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Have you ever been to Park Guell? Or Barcelona? I’d love to hear about your trip and what you thought! Tweet me or comment below! x


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