The Simplicity of Bangkok

NO affiliate links, yay! All views are my own and all the happiness I experienced in Thailand was commercial free :) I just love these places and want to share them with you!

Travelling to Thailand usually makes people think of full moon parties full of ‘gap yah’ students soul searching with tequila and whilst yes, there’s a lot of that going on, there are lots of places to quietly find yourself amongst quaint cafes and hustling markets.

We stayed in Bangkok for two days after falling in love with Phuket’s beaches and booking a late stopover. Looking back, I do wish we’d done more with our time in a city that we fell in love with. But it wasn’t the crazy nightlife or noisy traffic that pulled us into the city, it was how at home such a distant place could make us feel.

And for that reason, I see Bangkok as a perfect place to unwind, recharge the batteries and enjoy a relaxed schedule. The bucket list can wait some days and taking time out is important, especially if you’re doing a long stint in Asia like we did!

So what is actually relaxing about Bangkok? Here’s a few places to try:

To Stay? Try Hostel Urby for Calm in the Chaos

Finding a comfy place to rest your head is incredibly important and this instagram inspired hostel could not be any better suited to the job. With private capsule bunks (without the claustrophobia) and plenty of bean bags and oversized cushions, you’ll feel right at home- the kitchen, in-built coffee shop and unlimited board games help though!

This place became our sanctuary, it was so refreshing to stay somewhere budget friendly and immacuately clean! The staff helped us find our find across China Town and made our 4am checkout as smooth as could be. Genuinely, there was no down side to staying here!

And if you’re not convinced, take a look at some of the decor!


To Eat? Head to the Hard Rock Cafe for Home Comfort Food

Perfect for a rainy day when you’re missing Western food. The street food in Thailand can sometimes be a little overwhelming with so many pungent flavours in the air and the mix of locals and tourists trying to get the best deal that, as humans, we want a break. It’s no secret that I love a good Hard Rock Cafe and visit one everywhere I can but there’s something to be said for this routine, it’s like that little bit of home that I can take with me, it’s reliable and you know what to expect. Sometimes that’s all you need, a bit of familiarity to keep you going on your travels into the unknown.


To Do? Find One of a Kind Treasures at the China Town Markets

Staying in China Town gave us a mix of Thai and Chinese culture and made the markets a whole lot more exciting! From traditional gifts and souvenirs to one of a kind handmade jewellery, you can get lost for hours in a maze of friendly faces. Whilst collecting more luggage isn’t always the best idea, these markets will make you want to chuck out all your favourite belongings just to bring a piece of Bangkok along with you.


To Think? Sit on a rooftop on Chao Phraya River and Watch the World

If you stay at Hostel Urby then this is another added bonus you’ll get to appreciate but if not, heading down to the Chao Phraya River is worth the trip to clear your head and get away from the overwhelming city lights. Why not take a boat trip or sit on a rooftop (alcohol optional) and watch the world of Bangkok from a different perspective. You can watch the sunset across the skyline without dodging the tuk tuks and just simply be. When I first thought about writing this post, this was the most relaxing yet simple place I could think of. A place that brought me so much happiness and peace, yet completely free- and if you ask any other guide book, irrelevant.


Have you ever visited Bangkok or Thailand before? I’d love to know where you found peace in this busy city so I can give them a go, if I ever save up enough to return to Asia! Don’t care about Bangkok but still wanna be Twitter besties? Find me here x

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