This could have literally been our last leg ever! In India, we explored the beautiful culture, but danced with death after a natural disaster and rabies scare! Our 12 day trip was split between: going in and out of A&Es across three states, researching rabies and Indian hospitals, scaring ourselves looking at the Government’s weather warnings and embracing Indian culture- and yes, part of this included staying in a 5* hotel doing f*ck all, watching Goa from the poolside, but post-trauma relaxation was a necessity!

These collections of posts vary in the same way our trip did: it’s so important not to only show our positive sides, because it isn’t life. I can whole-heartedly say that this wasn’t the cultural awakening I was expecting in India, but I learnt so much that it would be silly to dismiss it as unimportant or not worthy of writing about.

Click the links below to explore what really happens when you go backpacking in India:

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