A Tribute to Sunny Days…

Summer really does feel like a million miles away, between the storms and the endless drizzle that seems to be dampening the most optimistic of us at the moment. The nights are long and the words ‘just wait till summer’ jump to the forefront of any talk of when this will get better.

Let’s be honest, it’s not been a good week. The world is mourning the losses of far too many people taken for reasons that are so difficult for the average healthy person to understand. The fear of Coronavirus has stopped some leaving the house, others desperate for a cure to develop in time to save a loved one. The death of Caroline Flack has struck the nation with guilty and remorse, with the realisation that it’s too late to change the toxic words that litter the media and beyond. Then the literal stormy weather (that’s Ciara and Dennis to us) that’s underlined this whole pathetic fallacy.

The dark fog set in a good few weeks ago now and all we seem to be consuming is negative news, weather precautions and an overwhelming sense of desperation that all we can do is stay indoors and wait for better days.

Now of course it could all just be me taking the world a little too literally, but there’s something to be said for this time of the year. We cling on to the thought of things get better. And of course they do. For every bad day there’s plenty of good ones and if this week has taught us anything, it’s that this will pass. The storm did, Coronavirus will eventually quieten down with preventative vaccinations and we can all strive to be a little kinder to those around us and reach out at times of need.

One thought that is particularly consolable is one of barbecues with our loved ones and long nights watching sunsets with the faint crashing of the waves in the background. Summer. It seems that the short few weeks of sports and sunshine takes the UK to a parallel universe, where no smile can be wiped and no issue is too big.

It’s such a beautiful time to be alive. It’s just one giant cliché of Brits drinking beer, swapping out the chunky knits for shorts the moment it hits 20 degrees. Paddling pools and ice-cream trucks. Family walks along the coast. Dog walks in the countryside. Long nights with friends in the city.  The beer gardens are packed. The beaches are packed. There are cameras left, right and centre.

Everyone wants a taste of summer. Everyone feels an overwhelming urge to be impulsive and do something great. Everyone wants to be in the moment, and I guarentee that everyone will be able to recount every last detail for years to come.

Because before the week has passed the rain clouds have set once more and it’s back to the normal monotony that saturates any excitement from our everyday routine. That’s why we love it, we live for those  days of freedom and excitement that feel like they could last a lifetime.

Those are the days that count. You’ll get through today and tomorrow too. You’ll make your way through the storms and rainy days and soon and all we can do is wait for the sunny days to come our way.

Brain dump over.


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