A Day in Prague for under £25

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Prague, the capital of Czechia (Czech Republic) and is nicknamed ‘the city of a thousand spires’. Sounds intriguing, does it not? When I imagine Prague, I thought of a regular city with a European chic aesthetic and some cheap pubs, but once I started scratching the surface, there’s loads more to see and do than you could imagine! The best part of it all is, unlike Paris or Amsterdam, accommodation is much cheaper, meaning you can get a lot more for your 50 quid budget!


Accommodation budgets are something very personal. Some prefer to splash out and reserve activity or food expenditure, but personally I believe that on whistle-stop city tours, your room is there to sleep in and I wouldn’t plan on spending any extra time there, by choice. Of course, that’s not to say I wouldn’t say no to a fancy hotel (like in Amsterdam, we scored an $100 a night hotel/recording studio for $20!)

In Prague for standard hostel beds start at around £8- like Hostel Marabou, most sit around the £10 mark (try Hostel Sokolska or a SafeStay) and are close to the city, cutting down on transport costs too!

To Stay: £8-12 in a standard 4-12 bed dorm, within a mile of the city centre.


photo @renii19

Looking for something weird enough to give you the giggles, but aesthetic enough to fill your insta feed? Try the Illusion Art Museum for a fun day out, capturing optical illusions through your camera and make your friends believe you really did shrink to 5 inches tall or rip up a priceless painting!

If you have time then why not try a free walking tour and see the best of the city without spending a penny! Websites like getyourguide.com now allow customers to book online for a teeny fee of £1.75 to make sure you skip the queues and check out the Black Madonna, city squares and see a slice of Prague’s fascinating history!

To Do: Illusion Art Museum £10 (or £6 with a valid student card) & £1.75 tour booking fee

Food & Drink
Whilst researching places to eat, there was no place praised higher than Muj Sales Kavy! 
With attentive staff, short queues and excellent value for money, this coffee shop seems to tick all the boxes of a budget traveller! There’s plenty of lactose-free/vegan/veggie/alternative food available, meaning you won’t struggle to find something full of flavour!

When travelling, I always try to eat as much veggie food as possible (partly so I don’t ruin my weight watchers schedule, partly because it’s always so fresh and 10x tastier than meat products!), so this would be somewhere I feel anyone, regardless of eating habits would gravitate towards.

Try to make this a main meal, be it breakfast, dinner or lunch so that you can cut spending on other meals throughout the day. I’m a huge fan of sticking to supermarket meals, if you can, for snacks and daytime drinks- just remember your rucksack to put it all in!

To Eat: £9 should do it for a coffee and bite to eat at Muj Salek Kavy, then a sandwich at a local market or a street food stall.


Total Spend: £24.75 (not bad considering I usually believe you need £50 a day to last in Europe!)




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