A day in Paris for under £50

The fashion capital of the world, where everything is amour and simply, modestly beautiful- Paris is known as a romantic hotspot across the globe for good reason! But when a city has such a high profile, it’s difficult to travel there on a budget- especially under £50 a day. Usually, I don’t believe in spending more than £25 a day when travelling, but in Paris you’re lucky to find accommodation that will do that for you!

That said, I am a firm believer that Paris is some of the greatest cities on earth. Nothing stops me from travelling there- my last visit in 2018 was my fourth time in the city and I came back wanting to do it over and over again. My trips, of course, have always been on a student friendly budget and never cost more than £50. It is possible, without a shadow of a doubt to do everything you want and tick off those bucket list dreams without forking out your life’s savings.

‘How?‘ I hear you say? Follow my money-saving tips for students (click here) and skip the crossiants at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Don’t sacrifice but research, negotiate but don’t lose sight of why you’re on holiday: to relax and enjoy yourself!

Here’s a typical sightseeing day in Paris for under £50 that I put to the test in 2016.

To Stay: Ibis 13th (£16) at the Ibis Paris Avenue d’Italie 13th Hotel: a modest 3* stay with great transport links to the city centre. There are also lots of love locks scattered around the outside, which adds an extra Parisian ambience! Ibis offer a tiered selection of hotels from capsule pods to four-poster beds and are priced accordingly.

If you’re travelling out of season or book well in advance you’re likely to find a bargain. Though prices are currently around £16pp I’ve found this hotel to charge as little as £8pp a night!

To Do: Eiffel Tower (£12.50) This price will get you a full pass to the Eiffel Tower, but it is possible to do it for as little as £6 if you’re willing to walk the stairs, but think carefully before you do, there’s a lot of them! The best time to visit is dusk,  nothing says romantic trip to Paris like watching the sunset over the most iconic monument! It doesn’t cost any extra, you’ll get some gorgeous photos and the queue has usually died down! Win win!

Take your time having a look around the area, there’s some beautiful market stalls based on the Seine, about a 5 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. Why not take the opportunity to have a supermarket picnic on the grass adjacent to the foot of the tower- it’s super romantic and often quiet as most people are there just for the Eiffel Tower.

To Eat: Hard Rock (£20) Admittedly, this isn’t the cheapest option, but the food is amazing! I have a Hard Rock pact with my partner, so every time we visit somewhere new we check out the Hard Rock. Since the menu is different in each location, there’s always something new to try too! The Paris restaurant does incredible alcoholic milkshakes for £8- they’re strong too!

With regards to the rest of the day, supermarket food or McDonalds is always a good option to save money. This should cost another £10 throughout the day on food and drink, taking it to just under the budget of £50.


Total Spend: £48.50

Have you ever visited Paris before? I’d love to know about your trip and how you budgeted- or didn’t! Send me a tweet or comment below x



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