A Day in Paris for under £50 (2)

Paris: the fashion capital of the world, where everything is amour and simply, modestly beautiful- Paris is known as a romantic hotspot across the globe for good reason! But when a city has such a high profile, it’s difficult to travel there on a budget- especially under £50 a day. Usually, I don’t believe in spending more than £25 a day when travelling, but in Paris you’re lucky to find accommodation that will do that for you!

In this series, I’m exploring all of the options to make you trip as stress-free and as budget-friendly as possible by sharing my own travel itineraries. So here’s what I did on my last trip to Paris in a day for under £50.

To Stay AirBnB (£30): The more the merrier and it keeps prices down low! This beautiful AirBnB is set in the heart of Paris and offers a chic alternative to a hotel. The hotel is around £120 but can fit up to 5 people in the home- a double bed and a huge sofa bed- so I wouldn’t chance 5 in!

Travelling using AirBnB’s is one of the cheapest options and gives a unique insight to the city that you’re staying in too! It’s a great chance to meet the locals and get some advice on how to get around.

To Do: Modern Art Museum (£0): If you’re interested in any form of modern art, this is the perfect place to visit. Don’t get me wrong, the Louvre is beautiful but comes with a hefty price tag and personally, I think that the MAM has a lot of interesting exhibits to look at. Swap the Mona Lisa for abstract paintings, sculptures and live pieces covering everything from mental health perception to the waves of the ocean. Plus, given the free entry, you can also budget to visit the Louvre is classic art is more of your thing!

To Do: Sacre Coeur (£0): Keeping with the artistic theme, why not head down to Sacre Coeur and watch the modern artists at work! Even if you don’t manage to get inside the church itself, it’s worth checking out! Sacre Coeur is still a gorgeous old building, whether you’re religious or not it’s architecture and history is both intriguing and beautiful!

When I last visited in 2016, there was actually a bomb scare and I wasn’t able to visit but I was able to make the most of its surroundings. Watch out for con artists though, they will wrap bracelets around you and demand cash in return- whatever you do, don’t stop to chat to them- I have been caught out with this one before and it cost me £25!

To Eat: Local Cafe (£20): Just outside the Sacre Coeur, there’s an array of cafes and bars, selling pastries and local specialities. I came across an American Diner themed restaurant that served beer by the litre for £8. As for dinner, by staying at an AirBnB, it’s possible to cook your own dinner. Head to the supermarket for a meal costing less than £10 for 2!

Total Spend: £45

Have you ever visited Paris before? I’d love to know about your trip and how you budgeted- or didn’t! Send me a tweet or comment below x


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