A Day in Dam for under £50 (5)

Our final day in Amsterdam was very low-key before travelling back home. After 4 jam-packed days of sightseeing and embracing the Netherlands. Budgeting is always difficult with overpriced beverages and limited food choices, but we were determined to not let this one get the better of us!


Saying goodbye to a new city isn’t always easy, it’s not just missing the freedom of walking through unfamiliar streets but it’s the realisation of reality: knowing that regular life is around the corner once more. It’s always an underwhelming day, but there’s nothing to stop you from strolling the streets once more.

Day 5: £46.50


14:00 Q Factory Hotel

A late check out means taking full advantage of a lie in! After checking out we enjoyed a light lunch at the Q Factory Bar before flying back home.


15:00 Travelling Home

Travelling back took around 5 hours, which given its a 45 minute flight back to the UK, is a very long time! Flying from Eindhoven seemed like the most affordable option at the time, but I have definitely reconsidered after realising the overall costs:

With this in mind, I thought it might be helpful to share the costings of the day to help others make a more informed decision, since it’s not something I had access to prior to travelling.  So here’s the breakdown:


Train to Eindhoven: £19

Bus to Airport: £2

Flight: £9.99

Train home: £8


Food & Drink

Bagel: £3

Water Bottle: £3 (airport prices)

Supermarket Sandwich: £2.50


Total Costs: £46.50

I decided to eat dinner at home to cut on costs, luckily I had a few things left in the fridge. But without that I would have gone over budget without this. It’s crazy that just by waiting in airports and travelling costs more than sightseeing or once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but it appears just to be a fact of travelling.

Amsterdam is a classic example of weighing up flights over transport costs: If you fly into Eindhoven, it’s possible to get £20 return flights, but it takes upto 3 hours to get into the centre of Amsterdam from here and will cost you an additional £30. It’s possible to fly to Amsterdam from £40 return from the UK and would save you both time and money, although it may not seem like it at face value.

This said, flying last minute during Peak Winter Season can be expensive and even with the travel costs to Eindhoven, it was marginally cheaper and easier to suit my personal travels. Lesson learnt though, I certainly won’t be giving up my entire day for a 40 minute flight. I’d rather spend more on saving time, but within reason.

So that marks the end of my series in Dam, I’d love to know if you’ve ever visited before and what your tips would  be to anyone travelling on a budget. Tweet me or comment below x

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