A Day in Budapest for under £50

My house in Budapest, my hidden treasure chest. Time for you to live your best Georgw Ezra life and explore one of Europe’s richest cultures. Budapest is somewhere I’ve wanted to travel to for a long time, but with only a few Ryanair flights leaving a week, it’s quite difficult to find a budget-friendly trip with restricted time. I am making this my next priority, maybe even a solo or family trip for Autumn or even going into 2020 and if you’ve ever looked into travelling around Hungary I’m sure you know why!

So research done but just not enough holidays left at work to book a trip, here’s my suggested itinerary for Budapest.


Budapest has a lot of hostels, in both Buda and Pest (the separate sectors of the city) and lots with roomy capsule bunkbeds- the perfect combination between privacy and community, giving you the option of interacting with others or shutting your curtain to chill out and watch some Netflix. These beds are revolutionising the hostel community and ideal for solo travellers or anyone that doesn’t want to watch your newfound friends sleeping!

For value-for-money, check out Avenue Hostel at £18 a night, Adagio Hostel £12 a night or Maverick City Lodge for £10 a night ( or £35 if you want a private double bed for one or two people), book with hotels.com and use code SPRING8 for 8% off too!

To Stay: Hostels as a Private Bed or 8-person-dorm £10-18pp

Activities and Events

There are endless things to do in any European city, or anywhere in that matter, but when you’re on a budget or short of time, it’s important to make sure you do what you want and maximise your time to fit in your desired itinerary. Hungary has a rich culture but has suffered tremendous heartache in the 20th century. These factors has turned the city into a hustling place of art and history, with countless museums celebrating the nation and showcasing it’s strength over the last 100 years.

photo: @budapest_hungary

Though the Szechenyi Bath may not be the cheapest activity, it’s a bucket list item you just have to tick off. The water is thought to have astounding medicinal perks, making it the most popular thermal bath in Budapest, it takes in over 100 million bathers each year and with over 100 years of rich history behind it, all those people can’t be wrong! Relax in one of the 18 pools or grab a massage and take in the city in the chilled comforts of the healing water.

Afterwards, take an scenic walk along the Danube and it’s bridges for a sunset stroll and switch from Buda to Pest in seconds, minutes or hours, depending on how long you want to spend taking in the lights and warm evening air.

To Do: Szechenyi Bath £20 & Danube £0

Eating and Drinking

Budapest is globally renowned for its ‘ruin bars’. They’re old buildings with mismatching furniture, quirky detailing and cheap booze- what more can you ask of a city break? The description makes me think of the bars across Cornwall or Brick Lane in London, but I imagine that these are a mild attempt at a ruin bar compared to the real deal! Catch happy hour and enjoy cocktails under the stars or play some ping pong with newfound friends without a care in the world or a worry about your budget.

To Drink: £5 (absolute maximum you should pay in a ruin bar for a drink with a budget of £50 a day)

photo: @nursuluu.jj


If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’m a sucker for a Hard Rock Cafe. Good food, great music and fantastic deals. Without visiting a country, I instantly know I’ll be happy at a Hard Rock! It may not be the most adventurous option, but when there’s constantly BOGOF on food, it’s hard to turn down, (I’ve genuinely eaten a 3 course meal with alcoholic drinks for £10 using deals so it’s still budget friendly). Make sure you sign up for your members club to get exclusive discounts before you touchdown in Budapest

To Eat: Hard Rock Cafe £12





Total Spend: £45-53, depending on accommodation.

There’s also something to be said for making a whole budget, not a daily one. If you want to splash out one day, cut back another, it’s as simple as that! This was my ethos in Amsterdam, where I spent between £32 and £60 a day, but still came out under budget!

Good luck on your trip to Budapest and don’t forget to tweet me with your adventures!



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