5 ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Trips for Half the Price!

Florida, 2013: We all remember our ‘once in a lifetime trip’. After pestering my dad for well over 10 years, we took our ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to Florida (find out how you can go too for under £560 below!)

Since the age of 12, I’ve always taken control of the family holiday- I wanted to explore new places but without burning my parent’s credit cards. We would travel mainly travel to Spanish and Portuguese islands with beautiful scenery and absolutely nothing that screamed overcrowded pool on an seedy club strip in Magaluf.

Not a lot has changed then, I still want a beach holiday somewhere new and exciting, with culture and no chaos. Except now I’m a full-time student and I have complete financial independence. Saving up for holidays is something that makes all the 9am lectures and late nights of work with it. The thought of spending my summer surrounded by nothing I have ever seen before makes every rainy day worth the wait.

Luxury holidays aren’t something I usually look at, they’re written off thinking it’s way off budget, but since signing up to Voyage Prive, I am sent heavily discounted breaks (free of charge) to my inbox that make my day that little bit brighter. I initially signed up with the idea of browsing but I have spent hours on this website in the last few weeks and I’m sure you will too!

By all means, these holidays are perfect for families, couples or those who are retired: I’ve had the approval of these holidays from every generation in my family (big surprise, all I talk about is wanting to be abroad). So whilst you’re looking outside at the drizzly rain, (or snow if you’re anywhere North of Exeter in the UK) why not treat yourself to a once in a lifetime trip, without completely breaking the bank.


Khao Lak, Thailand (£2000 £896)

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 19.53.26.png

Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful sceneries on earth. When I visited Thailand last year I went with the sole purpose of budget backpacking, whilst it was an amazing experience, our hotel had rats crawling outside and we spent 90% of our time sneaking into beach clubs to escape our hotel. Khao Lak is notorious for its luxury accommodation on the beach front and this 4* hotel is no different! Listed on Voyage Price at £896 for 7 nights, including flights, it’s about £1000 cheaper than usual, making Beyond Resort Khao Lak the perfect place to unwind and enjoy sun, sea, sand and culture like you’ve never experienced before!

Tried & Tested Tip: Whilst you may be staying in Khao Lak, it doesn’t mean you aren’t able to explore some of the beautiful islands on the Andaman Sea. Try the James Bond Island tour for a Golden (Gun) Experience!


Dominican Republic (£1233 £778)

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 20.09.27.png

Nothing says luxury quite like the Carribean and 7 nights in the 5* Impressive Premium Resort is no different! Those sunsets over the palm trees, sipping cocktails in clear blue water and photographs that need no editing, everything you associate with an ultimate beach holiday, you’ll find in the Dominican Republic. This is somewhere I’ve been pricing up for months but never managed to find anything under a £1200, you’re welcome!

Top Tip: Try booking with Voyage Prive to get a free room upgrade (pool or ocean view, how lush), flights and transfers included in the price!

Bali on a Shoestring (£909)

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 20.18.07.png

Bali is undoubtably a beautiful place, but how do you experience every part of their culture without compromising on luxury? By doing Bali on a Shoestring! One thing I really like about Voyage Prive is their ability to make what would be a logistical nightmare, simple! Their packages offer free transfers between hotels so that you’ll get to see active volcanoes and rice plantations in Ubud, white sand beaches in Nusa Lembongan and world-class seafood in Jimbaran. And did I mention that it includes flights & a 7 day stay for under £1000?

Tried & Tested Tip: If you’re trying to convince your partner, family or friends to come with you, explain the off-set cost of the deal. By the time you’ve got all your vaccinations usually, you’ll be spending a few hundred. If you book a shoestring trip at a discounted price, you’re kind of getting your vaccines for free!

Miami, United States (£897 £554)

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 20.24.44.png

If you enjoy city breaks in far-away places, by no means are you left out! Miami, Florida is a typical ‘once in a lifetime trip’, (I know it was my first real wanderlust, probably just because of Disneyworld though) and with a city view room and central location, you can explore to your heart’s desire for a minimum of 3 nights in the Kimpton EPIC Hotel and spend less than you would on a holiday to Spain! Win win, no?

Tried & Tested Tip: Don’t use up your work holidays to get away, instead, book this over a bank holiday weekend to save those for another day!

Sicily, Italy (£458 £255)

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 20.33.11.png

Not everyone likes to travel far, and that’s perfectly understandable. Europe is home to iconic natural beauty that Aussie’s are incredibly jealous of (after living in Australia, my sole goal was to travel more in Europe after a number of friends couldn’t understand why I hadn’t been given it was so close). Italy is a true culinary delight with breath-taking views. Why not try Sicily’s Venus Sea Garden Hotel  for 3 nights to avoid using up those vital annual leave dates and enjoy some luxury!

Top Tip: Sicily is a daily isolated place without a car, with Voyage Prive you can upgrade for a small cost to include car hire, and it’s so much cheaper than trying to get the last Ford Mondeo at the airport!

So there you have it, if you haven’t got your credit card out now, well, you’re missing out! Whilst I realise in this post I have talked a lot about Voyage Prive, I have not been approached by the company in any way and all views are completely my own. I just thought this breakthrough for my own travel planning may benefit you too!

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