5 FREE Things to do in Singapore

It’s no secret that Singapore is the most expensive city in the world. Since 2012, it’s trumped LA, New York and London for cost of living. So backpacking here can be a true challenge!

Luckily, there’s plenty of things to do for free, so you can save most of your savings for accommodation (which is a minimum of £25pppn). Singapore has that city look but boy it’s standout point is the cleanliness! It’s completely spotless, which makes it even easier to enjoy the sites!

Explore the Local Markets

Head out to Chinatown to explore the local markets and grab some non-traditional souvenirs – don’t forget to check out the notorious durian too! The smelly fruit is around every corner, taking pride and joy in most food stalls, you won’t miss it!

There are loads of locals to help you out, without being too pushy and recommend things to do and what to eat which I found to be a massive bonus! Of all the places in Asia, I found the Singapore markets to be the safest, I didn’t feel vulnerable wandering off in the afternoon on my own while my partner hung back in a few shops.

Marina Bay Link Mall

For some window shopping, head down to Marina Bay Sands to have a look at some of the most expensive designer stores in the world! Live the million dollar life but without the financial commitment- it’s good fun! The architecture is gorgeous as well and sums up the modern minimalism that Singapore takes pride in- so it’s worth having a look at even if you don’t fancy shopping!

Chinese Gardens

I’ve posted before about my love of Chinese Gardens, first in Sydney, then Singapore. There’s just something incredibly tranquil about enjoying historical architecture in a secluded area of Singapore, the busy pace of the city slows right down. This is definitely the most relaxing place to visit in Singapore!

Merlion Photo Point

Go and take those obligatory selfies at the Merlion, home to a view across the marina, lots of traditional architecture and of course, the lion statue! If you have a few dollars spare, head to the surrounding hotels / restaurant / bars for a signature Singapore Sling cocktail! They are extremely pricey (around $15) compared to the likes of Thailand or Malaysia (where it’s more like $1 a drink) but it’s a different world here, so enjoy it!

Chasing Butterflies at Changi Airport

Normally, an airport wouldn’t ever feature on a ‘top 5 things to do’ anywhere, but Singapore really does have the best airport in the entire world! It’s won countless awards for it’s activities that make your 20 hour layover feel like a few short hours!

The butterfly garden is one of it’s ‘must do’ places, but it’s also home to a rooftop swimming pool, endless koi ponds and an outdoor sunflower garden! I reviewed the airport back in 2017, so make sure you check out my ‘17 hours in Changi Airport‘ post if you’re looking at a long layover!


Have you ever been to Singapore? I’d love to know what you thought or if you found any other exciting free things to do, comment below or send me a tweet! x


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