5 Destinations in Dublin for Foodies

The Original Temple Bar, Dublin

As soon as a Brit says they’re off to Dublin for the night they’ll get asked one of two questions: 1. ‘Did you do the Ryanair flights for a fiver?‘ or 2. ‘Are you going on the town / lash / piss ( insert any idiom for drinking here)’. The answer to both is usually ‘of course’, and for good reason. Our favourite budget airline is making a night out Ireland more accessible than ever before.

With so many bars and cafes to choose from, deciding where to go is overwhelming, especially if you’re organising the trip for others. But it needn’t be. Here’s five amazing places to eat and drink and enjoy yourself in bars that just about everyone will enjoy! From vegan options to the best pints of Guinness, each holds its own in its niche category- so why not try them all on your next trip to Ireland?

Brother Hubbard North

Brother Hubbard, both North and South, are renowned for their welcoming ambience and incredible coffee that will make hours feel like minutes. It offers a table for everyone: you really get a sense of community in Brother Hubbard, even if you aren’t a local. The staff treat you like old friends and the other customers are so open to conversation, you’re bound to strike up a conversation with the table next to you. This is not one to miss out on!

The Gin Palace

If you’re one of many who’ve jumped on the gin wagon in the last few years, you’ll love the Gin Palace. Dubbed as one of the best gin stops in town, it’s home to over 200 different types of your favourite alcohol!

Tried & Tested Tip: Order the ‘Gin Tasting Platter’ to get three gins of your choosing with all the appropriate garnishes and a jug of tonic. Great if you want a taste of the variety that the Gin Palace offers or share with others to try even more (since, lets face it, you’ll end up ordering more than one). At 16 euros for 3 drinks and unlimited tonic, it’s a steal in Central Dublin.

Lovin’ Spoon

If you’re after a hangover cure, this is the only place you’ll want to be. A local favourite and  home to one of the ONLY all-day breakfast cafes in Dublin, LovinSpoon is a quaint little cafe just off O’Connell Street that’ll have your mouth watering as you walk in-guarenteed. They not only offer veggie breakfasts and black pudding but if you order a large breakfast for 8.50 euros you’ll get a pancake with your order- that’s right!

Hard Rock Cafe

A classic favourite and another one to tick off the ever-lasting list of Hard Rock Cafes, you won’t be disappointed here. If it’s your first time or your fiftieth visiting a Hard Rock, you’ll leave equally as pleased. The Dublin site is decorated beautifully with an Irish twist on the typical cafe ambience with live music twice a week. My partner dubbed his steak as ‘one of the best he’s ever had’ and that wasn’t just a passing comment, it was truly exquisite!

Temple Bar

It’s impossible to visit Ireland without making your way over for an obligatory selfie outside the iconic Temple Bar. Serving Ireland’s finest pint of Guinness since 1840, the bar hasn’t changed much since it’s hey day (apparently) with decor collected over the years, you definitely can’t experience a more Irish bar than this! There always seems to be a jolly guitarist on the mic, adding the friendly ambience that keeps buying pint after pint. It’ll set you back around 6.50 euros for a pint of Guinness, but given its location and rich history, it’s definitely worth the extra cash!

[googlemaps https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=1WLMnube8XehSiS5127SedV5P4ohYWNsg&w=640&h=480]

This isn’t an exclusive list of bars and cafes to visit, I’d actively encourage you to visit as many as you can! Here are some of my other recommendations if you have the time:

  • Mulligans Bar, Poolbeg Street
  • Cafe en Seine, Dawson Street
  • Brother Hubbard South, Harrington Street
  • Queen of Tarts, Old Temple Bar
  • Sophie’s, Harcourt Street
  • Guinness Storehouse, James’s Street
  • Arlington Hotel Bar, Bachelor’s Walk

Have you been to Ireland before or are you planning a trip? I’d love to hear your thoughts on Dublin! Tweet me or comment below x


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