30 before 30


This is what I want my travel map to look like at the grand ol’ age of 30.

We never know what life is going to throw at us, but I hope that travelling will always be a large part of it (and subsequently a large part of my budget). At 30, I could be married or have children or be a strong career woman. I could be travelling full-time or every few years. I have no idea.

That’s why I’m make the stand, ten years prior to my deadline, to try and plan my life around these adventures. One perk about being a total control freak, is it makes you think really hard about what you want to get out of life, be it in the next week or decade and you WILL make it happen, regardless of the sacrifices.

2018 is coming to a close and with it, I have the fondest memories and greatest adventures in 7 different countries. A strong start to my travel endeavours, but nowhere close to my target.

Of course, every year, for certain, will not be like this year. 2018 brought me temporary jobs requiring sometimes 14 hours a day of work in order for me to drop everything and dedicate a few months to solely focus on experiencing new ways of life.

I just hope I will have a few years like that to follow.

This page is purely to motivate myself and use it as a personal tracker for the countries I visit, a microcosm of the entire blog, if you will.

Below you’ll find my 30 before 30 list, enjoy!

(I would love to have some outside input and recommendations, so feel free to give me some words of wisdom in the comments- I don’t bite, promise)

Places I have been to (so far): 14 countries over 15 states

  • England: My home country, and given I’ve lived in the North and South, I can say I’ve travelled around it for sure
  • Wales: Brits love their camping in North Wales, and this low-budget holiday will always remain a firm favourite for the bank balance
  • France: Every summer I have woken up with crossiants for breakfast, visiting Paris twice now and Disneyland four, totally worth it.
  • Spain: Another Brits abroad favourite, but spending a long arty weekend in Barcelona was definitely a standout moment
  • Majorca: Yes, a Spanish island, but nevertheless, a country in its own right- with much cheeper beer too, I must say
  • Madeira: A Portuguese Island with breath-taking views and the biggest collection of Ronaldo memorabilia I’ve ever seen!
  • Amsterdam: A cultural experience I will never forget, and never stop wanting to re-live!
  • Florida, USA: Your typical ‘once in a lifetime family holiday’, yes I went ahead with the cliche, but it was worth it for the butter beers and supersize McDonalds
  • NSW, Australia: In 2017, this lovely corner of the earth became my home for 7 months, with absolutely no regrets!
  • Queensland, Australia: The Great Barrier Reef, Surfer’s Paradise and Byron Bay- what’s more to love?
  • Singapore: 20 hours in Change Airport and 4 days in the city was enough to see why Singapore is named the cleanest place on earth
  • Malaysia: I took a short break in Penang to sort out my life, a useful stopover but I wish I’d spent more time exploring the island
  • Thailand: Visions of The Hangovers 1,2 and 3 surfaced from the moment we landed in Phuket, it didn’t take long for me to change my mind!
  • Sri Lanka: My favourite destination to date is home to Elephant Sanctuaries, gorgeous tea plantations and the best milkshakes I have ever had
  • India: They say you don’t visit India, you experience it- given we spent more time in A&E than outside, I believe this quote throughly

Places I plan to visit before 2029: (16 countries to go)

  • Scotland: I used to live a three hour train journey from this wonderful hidden treasure, and never made the trip, better late than never, right?
  • Ireland: Another local trip, I can’t let myself get to 30 without going on a piss-up in Dublin surely?
  • Germany: Specifically for the Christmas Markets, need I say more?
  • Croatia: Game of Thrones makes the white sands and wilderness look so gorgeous, it would be amazing to experience it in person!
  • Poland: Mainly because I’ve found a gorgeous AirBnB at $20 a night for a 4 bed apartment
  • Norway/Iceland: Either way, this will cost a pretty penny, but both have access points to see the Northern Lights, a real bucket-list holiday
  • Canada: Canadian people are lovely, their syrup is amazing- why not?
  • New York, America: Where dreams are made and everything costs $200, one for the savings
  • California, America: To visit yet another Disneyland, but mainly to see old friends and see what the hype is all about
  • Brazil: A Rio carnival would be breathtaking, but I’m happy to settle with a quick stopover
  • South Africa: Again, to see old friends, but mainly to see that wildlife
  • Kenya: I am more than happy to give away a house deposit to go on a Kenyan safari, mad? I think so, but will I do it? For sure!
  • Vietnam: I missed out on Vietnam whilst travelling Asia, and I am desperate to see what I missed out on!
  • Japan: I have friends that say this is the best place to travel in the world, it’d be nice to put this theory to the test
  • New Zealand: Another one I missed out on whilst living in Australia, but one I have to do
  • Bali: For the instagram, duh?


  1. January 11, 2019 / 4:59 am

    This is a great post! I think I might make a list like this of my own. I love having goals to work towards, and travel goals are the best ones! – Laura

    • January 11, 2019 / 12:13 pm

      Thankyou! It definitely makes me more reflective when I’m booking trips and pushes me to try new places!

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